Local Officials
Supervisor Jack Jones, 716-569-6599  jhighacres@windstream.net
Clerk Tenneil Stelmack, 716-569-5365  tocarroll0652@gmail.com - office hours
Bookkeeper Kevin Honey

Council Member
Michelle Lingenfelter, 716-569-2336  rmlingenfelter@hotmail.com
Council Member Kenneth Dahlgren, 716-569-4162  kendahlgren@roswellpark.org
Council Member Todd Ekstrom, 716-569-4498  toddjekstrom@hotmail.com
Council Member Patty Ekstrom, 716-569-2843  pattyekstrom@windstream.net

Highway Superintendent Thomas Allison, 716-569-5298
Assistant Superintendent Michael Walker, 716-569-2085
Highway Garage, 716-569-6161

Justice Willard Cass
Justice Robert Gray
Court Clerk Janelle Swan

Court is held on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. and 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m.
Fax: 716-569-6331

Attorney Paul Webb, 716-488-1178
Code Enforcement Officer
Alan Gustafson, 716-450-3032 (cell)

Assessor Kevin Okerlund, 716-483-7565  kpo@cityofjamestownny.com

Water Department  
Daniel Sission, 716-569-6379
Brad Long, frewsburgwater@windstream.net

Police Department
Chief Timothy Wright
Investigator James Curtis

If a resident has a complaint of any type requiring the Police and we don't have an Officer on duty, please call 716-664-3100 (Sheriff's Office) or in case of an emergency 911

Animal Control
Don Sparling, 716-640-8915 (cell)

June Burgett
Barbara Cessna, 716-569-5677